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Lucky Chimney Sweep

Our Lucky chimney sweep is  available to bless the happy couple on their big day.



 Today, seeing a chimney sweep on your wedding day,is still a lucky omen and many couples choose to have them attend on their Wedding Day.


This 200 year old timeless tradition is said to bring Good Luck, Fertility & Fortune for newly married couples. 

On Hiring the lucky Chimney Sweep he will:

  • Arrive in tradition costume, with Brush & Blackened face 
  • The sweep Greets the Guests & Bride & Groom
  • Kisses the Bride & Shakes the Grooms hands
  • Sends a special message to the Bride & Groom



  Then a photo opportunity is available with the lucky Chimney Sweep for guests and the official photographer to capture the traditional custom 


 At the end of the performance the Lucky Chimney Sweep presents the Bride & Groom with polished coal and then before he leaves shakes hands with the groom to pass on his precious Good Luck. 

*little boy chimney sweep is subject to availability*

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